Literary event in US

NYC commends Nepal's vibrant history and culture

New York City Comptroller’s Office commends N & J Entertainment Inc. USA for its continued and outstanding services since last ten years towards the promotion and preservation of Nepali literature, arts and culture. Signed by the NYC Comptroller Mr. Scott M. Stringer himself the letter of commendation presented to N & J Entertainment Inc. USA for sharing “Nepal’s rich and vibrant history through events that bring New Yorkers together; for bringing joy, brightness and excitement to celebrants; and for tremendous contributions to the City of New York.”
On behalf of the NYC Comptroller, the Special Guest Mr. Dev Awasthi, Community Liasion presented the Award of Commendation to Litterateur Kamala Prasai, the Founding President of the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA and the Coordinator of the ‘Diaspora Patriotic Literary Event.’
The Event began with the national songs of Nepal and USA. Very artfully the national songs of two countries been performed by a group of girls known as ‘Kanyas’ in Nepali. Ms. Mili Shrestha sang the US national song with her very sweet voice.
Chaired by Dr. Madhu Krishna Shrestha ‘Madhurya,’ the event was organized to help the orphans of Nepal. To this end, the funds have also been raised and handed over to the Chief Guest of the event, the Nepal Consulate’s Representative Mr. Prabin Bhattarai. Chief Guest Mr. Bhattarai also distributed the certificates to the participant poets, artists, singers and a few coordinators of the event including Poetess Bijaya Simkhada and the International Nepali Literary Society ‘INLS’ General Secretary Mr. Govardhan Pooja, the Special Guest among others.
The literary event has been participated by the Nepali litterateurs of Boston area, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Virginia and other States of the US. Litterateurs from Boston, the very popular Anu Shah, Deepa Rai Pun, Maheshwar Pant, INLS General Secretary Govardhan Pooja and few others recited excellent poems.
Nepal’s topmost singers’ voice made the event such a wonderful and pleasant. Kanhaiya Singh Pariyar, Yam Baral, Narendra Pyasi, Pabita Pariyar, Tilak Shrestha, Deepa Thapa, Anjana Gurung, Avay Dhungel and Rajendra Rai sang beautiful melodious patriotic songs. The flavor in the event has been added by the recital of the poems by the prominent Nepali litterateurs. More than fifteen poets took part during the recital of the poems.
Mr. Bidur Bista, the President of the Prawasi Nepali Ekta Samaj, INLS Chapter President Mr. Bikash Bista, INLS Board of Trustee Co-Chairperson Mrs. Gita Khatri and Artist and Journalist Mr. Shailesh Shrestha from White Himal Television also highlighted about the importance of the literary and cultural event like this to help the needy one.
The welcome speech has been delivered by the Journalist Mr. Bishnu Singh Baiju who together with Nepali Prominent Artists Mr. Raj Kapoor and Mr. Nhuchhe Man Dangol helped this event to complete successfully.
One of the important highlights of the event was reading of the messages of a few very prominent litterateurs of Nepal. Writer Pundary Aryal read the message sent by the litterateur Basant Kumar Chaudhary, poetess Bijaya Simkhada read the message of litterateur Parashu Pradhan and poetess and the cine-producer Anu Shah read the message of Chancellor of Nepal Nattya Academy, Litterateur Sarubhakta Shrestha.
The ‘Diaspora Patriotic Literary Event’ was jointly hosted by Litterateur Mani Bangdel and singer Tilak Shrestha. Litterateur Bangdel’s style of hosting made the event very mesmerizing.
To be noted here, it was the first time that New York City (NYC) honored any Nepali organization that works to promote and preserve Nepali literature.

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