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Historical background of Free Nepal

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Free zone in Free Nepal:


Dear readers !

Free Nepal (, only the internet journal published in Nepali,English,Russian, hindi and newari, is dedicated to Nepali art,culture and literature.

We believe that the noble thought with it's unique creation may bring positive changes in life, society, country as well as in the world.

 The main purpose of this publication is to offer you large variety of informative materials promoting the development of general and moral aspects. We will not give priority to the the following articles :political, religious, chaotic and other bawdy materials harming the society. Moreover we'll not publish any 'good' article already published in the other sites till it has been specially deleted there.

In 1998, we started to publish nepali poems in the web through various free hosing servers of angelfire,geocities ,uproar etc. giving title "Nepali Sahitya".Our first attempt was launched as "" ( Issue N0.1 ) in the internet by the end of 1999. The trial version of Free Nepal was launched as "" (Issue N0.2) in 2000. We've been launching"" since 2001. All the materials from the beginning of Free Nepal have been systematically stored in this archive. Visit and enjoy !


True-to-life illustrations of FN historic evolution ...

 All the materials published in each issue will be systematically restored and made available from' all archives' (shifted in the left column 'selected materials') after publishing the new issue.

Hope for the best, get ready for the worst, and then take what Free Nepal chooses to send !

If you have any queries, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us sending emails at [email protected]


How marvellous / spurious a coincidence!

How the constitution of Nepal begins ?

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