story:Beard bird

Борода птица : Александр Трофимов
Beard bird ( Russian story translated into Nepali ) : Alexandar Trofimov

चराको दाह्री

अलेक्सान्द्र त्रोफिमोभ

Appreciation letter

Greetings to Free Nepal
Greetings from Royal Nepal Embassy on the auspicious occasion of launching the site of Free Nepal for the first time in the World Wide Web in 2001.

Greetings from Valery Arestov (the Chairman of Social and Economic Poject ; the corresponding member of Academy to the only internet site "Free Nepal" published in 5 languages including the Russian :

A sky without stars after sun set

A sky without stars after sun set (Feature article in Nepali ) : Dr. Jangab Chauhan

घाम डुबी तारा नउदाएको आकाश

- डा. जंगब चौहान

उभिरहेछु पहरा र भीरहरुमा
बाढी र भेल बोक्ने नदीका तीरहरुमा
हिंडिरहेछु एक्लै एक्लै
क्षितिजपारिको आकाश हेर्दै
बादलभित्र आप्mनो आकार कोर्दै